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We are a business management consulting services company, dedicated to provide flight operations support services.

Offers tailored, consultative services through technology, digital and collaborative innovation solutions to enhance the safety and efficiency.

  • Focus on Airline Flight Operations, Navigation and Data Management Solutions.
  • Committed to provide a guaranteed year-round continuous support.
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We are capable to offer more than 25 flight operations support services which are grouped into 10 main solutions.

Airplane Performance Monitoring

APM is performed in the frame of fuel conservation and of aircraft drag assessment.

Cost Index Calculation

The fundamental rationale of the CI concept is to achieve minimum trip cost by means of a trade-off between operating costs per hour and incremental fuel burn.

Electronic Flight Bag

EFB updates normally closely related with each significant change of data on PERF and OPS DOC.

Flt Ops Tech Modifications Review

A technical modification review meeting performed to evaluate the impact of the modifications on OPS DOC, PERF, NAV, WB, and others.

Navigation Lite Support

NAV is a lite support where an emergency escape route procedures and the airport analysis can be provided.

Flt Ops Documentations Management

Management of all Flight Ops manuals bring more efficiency and accuracy to your documentation management through us.

Aircraft Take-off & Landing Performance

PERF provides aircraft performance calculations to optimize take-off and landing, maximize payload and decrease fuel consumption.

Special Operations Consultancy

Know how to ensure airline efficiency by minimizing risks, sharing industry best practices and benchmark, and identify business improvement opportunities and risks mitigation.

Enhance the Understanding

Training is an essential solution to enhance the understanding of the APM, PERF and WB.

Aircraft Weight and Balance

Designing the weight and balance operational documentation to provide efficiency and accuracy of the data.



TAPIR, stands for Temperature And Pressure Inter-Relationship, is an effortless web application used to enumerate the temperature and pressure using three calculation methods based on historical airport weather data.

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WINDROSE, stands for Wind Rose, is a reactive web application used to produce a wind rose in a shape of polar bar chart. This chart is a graphic tool used to give a succinct view and visualize of how wind speed and direction are typically distributed at a particular location.

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